Educated Consumers of Designer Handbags, why no one should buy a fake

In this day and age, it is mind boggling how so many are still ‘uneducated consumers’ when it comes to purchasing fake designer handbags. When you try to tell people, just whom they are supporting when they purchase counterfeit handbags, they will argue it is the designers themselves that are the criminals for charging such high prices they can’t , or won’t afford They don’t realize, it is they themselves that are driving up the prices, by depriving the original designers of the sales, and choosing to buy a fake of their trademarked products, causing these companies to lose billions every year.

They are oblivious to the fact that the counterfeiters they are supporting, are illegal criminal counterfeiters, that are stealing the trademarked brands names. logos and designs of these companies, without their permission. It is because of these uneducated consumers that there is a demand, and where there is a demand, there will always be a supply, AKA ‘supply & demand’. It is because of this ‘supply & demand’ that these criminal counterfeiters will always stay in business. It is these vain, phony women, that must have a designer name on their arm, even though it’s not authentic, to impress everyone into believing they are rich enough to afford that brand. It is quite disgusting really, that their vanity is causing so much harm to our world and society. If only they would become ‘educated consumers’, perhaps this criminal counterfeiting industry would come to an end.

Here I am going to point out exactly why, no one should support this industry. First of all, the fakes are produced in illegal sweat shops that do not have to pass any government safety or hazard inspections, or labor guidelines. These counterfeiters most often belong to drug cartels, mafias, and even terrorist organizations and the money they receive is used to not only harm, but to kill people, all over the world. The deaths are caused from millions of drug over doses, human trafficking, kidnapping and even underground guerrilla warfare! Rumor has it, the the bombing of our World Trade Center on 9/11 was partially funded from these criminal counterfeiters, that belong to terrorists groups! There is evidence that our own government is involved in the criminal counterfeiting business, and allowing their products over our borders. Many insist it is why so many in our government do not want to seal our borders! Sad, but true. Many of our government officials have already been arrested for human trafficking involvement, and affiliations with drug cartels, that are directly involved with counterfeiting.

Presently our government through the Trump administration, is working on trademark infringement through their present ‘trade agreements’ with countries such as China, Mexico and many Asian countries, to put a stop to the stealing of our trademarked brands, ideas and products. It is shocking that so many in our government are opposing this. We can only assume it is because of their involvement that would put a stop to them profiting off of this criminal enterprise! And why?? Because vain, phony women, or their phony husbands that refuse to spend the money on the real thing, insist they must have these counterfeits! It is really quite disturbing and people really need to find out exactly whom they are supporting by purchasing these illegal counterfeits! Excuse me if I sound angry, but you know what? I AM!

Not only are these uneducated consumers, giving their money to criminals, they are receiving products made of unapproved materials that would NOT be allowed by any government safety standard inspections. They often use LEAD based dyes along with poisonous metal alloys and plastics, along with poisonous ‘coatings’ that would never be allowed by any government agencies. They are exposing themselves, their families and children to these harmful materials, and don’t even consider this factor! Can you imagine your baby or grandchild putting your handbag handle in their little mouths as they will often do, and taking in a poisonous lead dye or coating?? Why anyone would chance exposing themselves or family to this, is beyond reason. AGAIN, all so they can impress everyone into believing they are well off enough to afford the expensive brands.

What they don’t understand, is the differences, that genuine designers must and DO pass all government safety and health guidelines, while counterfeiters DO NOT! The counterfeiters operate in illegal sweat shops that generally get shut down when and if the governments find them.They use use child slave labor where the children, often under 12 years old, are received from kidnappers, human traffickers or even their parents who sold them off to slavery because they can’t afford them! These children are horribly abused, starved, beaten and often tied to sewing machines. There are accounts of them having their little legs broken for trying to escape. Their precious lives are horrible and these poor children are deprived of their childhood of playing, learning and having fun. They are often tossed aside and used for pornography and sex abuse prostitution and end up on drugs, often found dead! This alone is the biggest reason no one should support the criminal counterfeit handbag industry. There are countless articles on the internet to support what I am stating is FACT. You can find them in a simple internet search for’ the criminal counterfeit handbag business’. Almost all of these articles will verify what I am telling you is true.

I hope I have educated even one consumer, to STOP supporting the criminal counterfeit handbag business. Is their vanity really so important to cause all of this harm and destruction to our world and society?? Watch the arguments come defending this industry and how they are not to blame? Of course it is everyone else’s fault but their own! They insist it is the designers overpricing that is to blame for their ignorance. I try to make them understand, but of course , nothing I say can be true, even when I point out there is plenty of proof in a simple Google search. Do you think they will research? Of course not! They just want to stick to their beliefs! God forbid they become ‘educated consumers’ and change their beliefs!

Since I work for a designer handbag authentication company, you would think I would appreciate the ‘job security’, but I really don’t. I would love nothing more than to see this criminal counterfeiting enterprise come to end, but I doubt it will ever happen. Our company has helped countless buyers and sellers to settle authenticity disputes and claims from all over the world. I am proud that our company has helped take down countless counterfeit websites, but no sooner do we get them removed, than they just set up another one. It is an endless battle, that always leads back to the ‘uneducated consumers’ . Sad.

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